Perk up your holiday table with barley. This time of year brings out family favorites for festive wintertime dining. If you're looking for a new dish or two for your holiday table, we've got a couple of delicious ideas featuring our favorite grain. Orange Persian Barley is easy to prepare, requires just a few ingredients and is remarkably flavorful. In fact, it may just become one of your favorite holiday traditions. For another festive holiday side, treat friends and family to Wild About Barley. This colorful side dish combines chewy pearl barley with wild rice, dried cranberries and crunchy walnuts. You may want to make a double batch, because this dish will probably go fast! Happy holiday dining to all.

Turkey leftovers?
We've got you covered! Curried Turkey and Barley Casserole is an easy and scrumptious way to enjoy leftovers after the big day. Serve this hardy entree with prepared mango chutney and buttermilk biscuits. Ymmm!

Cooks tips
Looking for an easy way to add fiber and flavor to your favorite entrees? Try a bed of barley. Read on.

Welcome to, brought to you by the National Barley Foods Council. Here you'll learn about the US barley industry, the types of barley food products available in the marketplace, and the nutritional benefits of this wholesome grain. And for those with a penchant for good food, we've got a delicious lineup of barley recipes. So take a look around and enjoy your stay.

Study confirms barley's effectiveness in lowering cholesterol Another clinical trial conducted by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture/Agriculture Research Service (USDA/ARS) has bolstered previous evidence that fiber found in barley may be effective in lowering cholesterol in men and women. Read on.

Let's face it. This time of year means lots of extra cooking for special holiday meals and open house buffets. For many, one of the main challenges is to choose foods that not only appeal to our taste buds but to our sense of good health too. The American Dietetics Association offers some important tips on how to enjoy holiday meals that are not only tasty, but are good for you too. Read on.

Barley Q & A
Q: I know that dietary fiber should be an important part of my daily diet. But I worry that high fiber foods may add up to a lot of extra calories. Is this true? Read on.