Introducing kids to barley and other grains at an early age can set them on their way to a lifetime of healthful eating habits. But for many parents, that may be easier said than done. Check out the following tips on getting kids happily on the healthful grain bandwagon for life.
  • Easy does it
    Introduce barley and other grains gradually into your meal plan. Don't overwhelm your child with too much too soon. One new taste in a meal is plenty for most young diners.

  • Keep it familiar
    Serve barley with other foods that are familiar and enjoyable to your child. For example, add cooked pearl barley to prepared tomato soup and serve with a peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich for a child-friendly and high-fiber lunch.

  • Get them involved
    One of the best ways to interest children in new foods is to let them help in the preparation. For example, when preparing a meal, encourage your kids to help gather and measure ingredients.

  • Be patient
    Accepting new tastes and textures may take time for some children, so patience is a must. Remember, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!