Grains are "in" for 2005

It's that time of year when food and trend-watchers offer their predictions for food consumption and purchasing trends for the next twelve months. And it looks like grains are poised to take center stage in a big way. Here's a brief rundown of what some foodies and others in the know are saying:

What's hot, what's not, what's next?
Bon Appetit Magazine recently offered its view of foods that are in, those that are out, and foods that are coming on strong for 2005. Listed in the magazine's "next top 10 ingredients" category are old world grains and beans. Seems that favorite saying, "What's old is new again" holds true here. (And we couldn't be happier!)

They're baaack!
Good carbs, that is. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, food industry trackers predict that good carbs (grains, fruits and vegetables) are indeed coming back. Health and nutrition professionals have told us all along that, among other benefits, grains, fruits and vegetables are some of the body's most efficient fuel sources because they break down slowly for steady energy. And it looks like consumers are taking notice and re-thinking their dietary habits.

Medifoods are in
The Chicago Tribune recently reported that when food business observers were asked what we might expect for 2005, health issues seemed to be the leading topic of the day. Observers noted that more and more consumers are looking to foods to provide specific health benefits and reduce risks for specific ailments as opposed to taking pills and supplements. By the way, when it comes to providing specific health benefits, barley is a winner. Studies show this grain's effectiveness in reducing risks for diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. For more information about the health benefits of barley, click here.