This time of year, picnics and patio suppers take center stage as we look for easy outdoor dining options that still offer plenty of good nutrition and flavor.  Burgers, sandwiches and wraps are always popular choices.  Here are a couple of ideas to add to your summertime repertoire.   Beef and Barley Burgers are jam-packed with zesty flavor and healthful fiber.  You may want to make extras, because these are sure to go fast.  Mexican Barley Wraps are bursting with flavors of the Old Southwest and are hardy enough to satisfy big appetites.  Easy outdoor dining never tasted so good!

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Welcome to, brought to you by the National Barley Foods Council. Here you'll learn about the US barley industry, the types of barley food products available in the marketplace, and the nutritional benefits of this wholesome grain. And for those with a penchant for good food, we've got a delicious lineup of barley recipes. So take a look around and enjoy your stay.

Looking for a fresh and easy side dish to accompany grilled chicken, burgers or ribs?  Try Easy Greek Barley Salad.  This fiber-rich side dish is infused with lively Mediterranean seasonings, garden-fresh veggies and creamy feta cheese.  Delicious!       

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